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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing day 2009

Today, after getting back from work, the kids were asleep. Which meant that i had time to go onto the net, but not enough time to type this. For those who want pictures of the kids, sorry that I have not sent one recently. On waking, we took them over to see Sally and Simon and the three kids they have. My son calls their little son Baby as we call him Baby John. As for my daughter, she loved playing with their two daughters. And of course, we were fed and spent time with pleasant company. And as Simon has an evil sense of humour, I do not have to be as worried about offending people!

Anyway, when I get back from work tomorrow, I might be able to watch the Arsenal match. We are seven points behind Chelski, but have two games in hand. If we win them, pigs might fly but we do have swine flu going about! The problem is that the game tomorrow is against Villa, a great team and even more so under O'Neill who is an excellent manager.

Anyway, time to get some rest. Take care.

I was looking for a Cheryl Cole calendar the other day, then I came across one.

I'm now banned from that shop. So I'm still looking...

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