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Thursday, 22 August 2013

GCSEs: Who needs them? I've been lying on my CV for years and no one has checked them. B in maths? I can't even count to B.

Well, it is the end of a long day.  We woke at two in the morning for our journey from home to Luton Airport for our early morning flight to Portugal.  The kids were excited as they had never been woken up at two in the morning to travel and they stayed awake for ages!  Luton as an airport was surprisingly easy to get to.  Meet and Greet was in the short term car park, and on arrival, there was no one there to greet us. It could have been worse as at least it was not raining when we arrived.  Things in the airport were simple and it was my wife and I who fell asleep on the plane, the kids both were awake and would wake us up at times.  In fact, it was only once in Portugal that my daughter fell asleep, that being in the car which is normal for her.  Back at the hotel, the kids have loved it so far,  We got here too late to nab a place at the poolside and that is something we are looking forwards to for tomorrow.  So far, rest, food and the kids have been in the playground and have been making friends.  And of course, sleep again...